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So what about hands and arms and legs?

It's the photographers job to not just "memorize" poses, but to learn how to "build" a pose for our brides and grooms.

But here a few pointers so you'll know what to do on your wedding day.

Arms diagonal across the body, relaxed hands

To elongate yourself, cross your arms diagonal to your body. In this pose Justine was holding up her dress (lol) but you can see that her arm facing down and across creates posture and grace.

Always relax your hands.

Go for a walk

I ask my couples to go for a walk. This allows them to spend some time together and talk about their day. Weddings are so busy and chaotic; you forget to just take a moment to be together and celebrate what’s just happened.

It also lengthens the legs and looks more natural.

While they’re walking, I take photos to capture them naturally enjoying time together. I particularly like the Back to the Future shot…this is when a bride and groom will walk back to the venue, and I’ll do images from behind them.

Hold something

Again, hold something. Your bouquet, his hand, your veil. Give your brain something to focus on so you forget to feel shy. Think about your life together and how you felt the first moment you saw him when you walked down the aisle, or how you will feel if these are before the big moment.

Hot Tip: You can also hold the bouquet down towards the floor at an angle, and follow it with your eyes, looking slightly over your shoulder. Have your photographer take the image from behind. This creates a lovely natural dreamy pose.


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