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5 Wedding Posing Tips for Couples

If you don’t like having your photograph taken, then posing for your wedding photos can be really daunting. Thankfully there are a number of tips you can follow to get photographs you’ll treasure forever. Tip 1) Smile Naturally On such a happy day, this shouldn’t be a problem! Do your everyday smile, don’t try and make it bigger! Many people can't do a natural fake smile so I either try to make the couple laugh by saying silly things, or I ask them to smile with their eyes! A natural smile comes from your eyes and your cheeks, not your mouth. When people fake smile they pull up the corners of their mouth but then you look like you're growling lol The best way to do it is to pull up the sides of your cheeks and squinch (is that a real word lol) your eyes... and feel warmth. Think back to a moment that made you happy. That should do it! Tip 2) Stand Tall We all have a tendency to slouch, particularly if we’re photographed with another person, especially if they're shorter than you. However focusing on your posture is so important. Imagine a fake string pulling you up from the middle of your shoulders. I say to my couples - "stand up straight! Now, relax your shoulders." Try it now...instantly your posture is better (I just did it at my desk lol) Tip 3) Choose Your Favourite Side There’s no such thing as a best side (you look great!), but you might have a favourite side. Think about sides or angles you prefer and let your photographer know. Ideally you'd have had an engagement session with your photographer so they will know your best angles or ideal angles, but if you haven't then let them know before the big day what you prefer. Just a tip...most people look best photographed from slightly above! Tip 4) The Power of Touch People close together and touching in photographs really adds warmth to the shot. You’ll of course want to touch your partner, but don’t be afraid to snuggle in with friends and family too as it’ll look so much more natural. I always shout at my couples 'cuddle! cuddle!!' lol as it get's people naturally smiling and getting in close. Tip 5) Relax Probably the most important tip I could give is to relax! The best photos are always when the couple are at their most relaxed and simply enjoying the day. Don't see your mini couple session on your wedding day as a fright fest! It's an opportunity to get away from the crowd and snuggle your partner, and catch up on the days events. Trust me, even though it's essentially your day, you won't get time to spend together. Going away from the party, even just for 15 minutes, to have your couple photos done, gives you time to connect and regroup...and cuddle :)


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