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I capture memories and create family legacies through my camera lens and my passion is to tell your story with sincerity and authenticity. I'm also a great believer in printing images so that we have them to pass on to future generations.

In my house you'll find magnets, canvasses, frames and books of moments in my family that I want to remember forever and pass on to my son. So I encourage my couples and families to do this too after each shoot, and I include a print package with every collection.

Hello! My name is Cemanthe (pronounced 'Samantha') and I'm a documentary wedding and family photographer from Kent, UK.

My style is to capture all the magic moments; to be everywhere at once, so that you don't miss anything! For weddings it's about the romance, the love, family, and joy. This day is about you as a couple, about your closest family and friends, and I'm there to make sure it's all captured on film. 

I also understand that so many people may not hire a photographer as they don't feel they look their best if they're not the one doing the selfie!

So I specialise in helping people become comfortable on camera by guiding them on the optimised way to pose that is the most flattering for them. I genuinely see the beauty in everyone I meet, and my aim as your photographer would be to show that to you too.

I'm based in an area of Kent called Thanet, and I'm originally from South Africa. I've been a documentary photographer for most of my life, and love the fact that phones now have cameras! 

Outside of weddings I love rainbows, the milky-way at night, and cats! Oh, and my favourite food is potatoes...a humble multitasking vegetable that can take any form and be cooked any way and it's delicious!

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