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3 Ways to Prepare For Your Wedding Photos

Some couples are the CEOs of the selfie, whereas others find the idea of couple shots their worst nightmare. However don’t despair, here are three ways you can prepare for your wedding photos:

1) Have a Pre-Wedding Shoot

Most photographers will offer a pre-wedding shoot as part of their package or as an added extra. This is a great chance to get to know your photographer and it gives them the chance to see how you work in front of the camera.

2) Get Comfortable With the Camera

Why not have a photo session at home together? If you don’t normally, take some selfies or set a timer for a few posed shots. Make it fun, then review the pics to see what angles and shots you like best.

3) Look at Other Wedding Photos

Pinterest is an amazing place for getting ideas of wedding poses you might like to try. Share them with your photographer in advance, so they can get an idea of styles and poses that you like.


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