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Natural, fun, real moments and print-worthy wedding photography 

"One of the best decisions we made (other than to marry each other obviously) was to have Cemanthe as our photographer. Cemanthe is one of those photographers who is there on the day, but almost invisible. Never in the way, but always in the right place to get that perfect shot. From the moment we contacted her, we knew she would be amazing, just from some of the questions she asked, and the suggestions she made. And the end result was not only delivered amazingly quickly, but captured the pure love, fun, and occasion, and especially the special moments, perfectly. She truly went above and beyond. We can’t recommend Cemanthe highly enough!! xx"

Welcome to the most joy captured in one day! I'm Cemanthe, a documentary style, Kent wedding photographer, travelling across the UK to capture the big day that is your wedding.

NEW FOR 2023

People have said that they won't watch their wedding movie very much if it's online, so I found a way to take it offline! This sleek, rechargeable linen covered video album is a great addition to your book shelf or coffee table and a great way to show your friends and family the video from your day!

Step into a world of everlasting joy, where moments become memories and love is immortalized through the lens. Greetings, I am Cemanthe, an adept wedding photographer based in the picturesque landscapes of Kent, with a passion for documenting weddings that radiate the essence of your unique love story. While my home turf is Kent, I traverse the entire expanse of the UK to encapsulate the grandeur of your special day.

As a purveyor of the documentary style, I specialize in capturing candid moments that unfold naturally, encapsulating the raw emotions, unscripted laughter, and heartfelt exchanges that define your wedding day. I am not just a photographer; I am a memory weaver, a visual storyteller, committed to crafting a tapestry of emotions that will transport you back to the enchanting day you exchanged your vows.

My mission is to bestow upon you a timeless collection of photographs that will serve as windows to the magic and ardor you experienced on that unforgettable day. Every click of my camera is infused with the intention to evoke nostalgia, enabling you to relive the laughter, tears, and jubilation whenever you cast your gaze upon the images.

My role extends beyond the camera lens; I am your ally, your confidante, and your trusted companion throughout the day's festivities. Your comfort is paramount, and I take pride in fostering an environment where you feel at ease, allowing your genuine emotions to shine. Behind my camera, I'll coax out laughter and natural expressions, while ensuring you stay hydrated and refreshed, proving myself to be a reliable presence armed with spare hairpins, delectable snacks, and a cache of plasters for any unforeseen mishaps.

And oh, let's not forget the tissues! An arsenal of tissues, for they serve not only as allies for your loved ones but also for me, as I witness your journey down the aisle. I am the friend who will stand by your side on the most cherished day of your life, armed not only with a remarkable camera but also with an astute eye for those fleeting, perfect moments that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks.

In this grand celebration of love, it's imperative to be accompanied by someone whose infectious laughter mirrors your own. A companion who shares in your excitement and cheers with exuberance as you proclaim your vows. That companion is none other than myself. I am not merely a witness to your union; I am a participant, a co-conspirator in creating a visual testament to the symphony of your love.

So, allow me to join you on this incredible journey, as we immortalize the laughter, the joy, and the profound connection that binds you together. As your dedicated Kent wedding photographer, I am poised to embrace every moment, every nuance, and every emotion, ensuring that the story of your wedding day is etched into the annals of time, ready to be revisited whenever you desire.

Or, if you're thinking "Wow! She sounds AMAZING!", and you don't need any more convincing or words of wisdom then message me on WhatsApp link above or pop me an email (photography by lemon feather @ or 'hit me up on socials' (Am I hip enough to say it like that?!? lol)  or click "We Want You to Capture Our Day" and fill in the form and I'll email you straight back.

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