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Live streamed weddings are all the rage

With weddings having to go through major changes during the last year, many couples are considering how they can bring more of their loved ones to their big day, without the worry about going over the 30 guest limit or how to bring in relatives from overseas.

One way is to, you guessed it, live-stream your wedding! If you are considering live-streaming, here are a few tips:

1. Make sure the venue has good enough WiFi - we've all been to Zoom meetings where people freeze and you miss the most important part, don't let that happen to you.

2. Have some guidelines for guests - if there are a lot of people joining, and you want to see them too in the Video Conference style, ask them to mute themselves during the important sections of the wedding such as the vows.

3. Invite people to do their speeches virtually. Something that is important to many people is the speeches, whether during the ceremony, or at the reception. If you have some loved ones you'd like to do a speech, let them know the length of time they have and when they'll be asked to do their speech, just in case nature calls whilst they're on the call.

4. Invest in a high quality recording device. With budgets being cut thanks to smaller guest numbers, you can invest some of that saved budget in a really good, high quality video recorder (or perhaps a professional videographer) to capture your moments on high quality film, alongside the high quality photos. This can be a great way to help those that could not join you in person really be a part of the ceremony.

5. Create a "virtual venue" using social media, such as Facebook events, so you can create the buzz, share the photos, and connect with those that are joining you "live" but from afar.

BONUS TIP - alternatives to Zoom can be Facebook Live, Skype, Google Hangouts, or even Periscope.

Will you be considering a live-streamed wedding? What are your tips?


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