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5 Wedding Planning Tips

When it comes to planning your wedding, there are so many hints and tips you can read online, after all there's a whole industry based around wedding planning! From speaking to many couples over the years, not to mention having been married myself, I’ve done a quick rundown of five of the most useful tips:

  1. Set up a dedicated wedding email address to keep everything organised. We used a combination of our names, and then used this email to enter competitions, subscribe to newsletters, and do all the planning.

  2. Record everything in the budget down to the penny. I used multiple spreadsheets to plan mine. If you've joined our bridal group on Facebook then you'll have seen me share my master list on there.

  3. Call in favours, it will help you save money and make your wedding more personal. Have an aunt that can bake...ask her to do the cake! Get the bridesmaids or groomsman to make table decorations. My hubby made our wedding cake :)

  4. Make a ’12 months to go’, 6 months and 1 month list to help you see how much you have to tackle. I'll share one of these soon.

  5. Book the best photographer (I can think of someone!). I mean hello! ;) Seriously though, a good photographer who has experience will help you with timelines and planning for the day, not to mention that I always carry an emergency kit to weddings which includes safety pins, headache tablets, sewing kit and water (among other things lol) because you never know what you'll need or when as a bride! Those safety pins have held together a bridesmaids dress that split at the seam...about 5mins before they were due to walk out lol - typical!


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