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What to wear for your engagement photos

So you're engaged! Woohoo! Now is the time to start thinking about your engagement session. Not only is this a great opportunity to try out your wedding photographers, or trial some photographers, it's also perfect for starting to feel comfortable in front of camera and learning about poses that you might use in the wedding.

Here is a list of things to think about when planning your engagement photo session wardrobe:

  • Wear clothes you feel comfortable in

  • Complement each other with style and colours, but don't match.

  • Choose neutral tones, no logos and no words as they detract from you!

  • Have a colour scheme. Pinterest is awesome for this with suggestions for colours.

  • Opt for classic rather than trendy, something timeless.

  • Have a choice of outfits to wear, send them to your photographer in advance so they can help choose

  • Flatter your body type, again, feel comfortable being you.

  • Think about your location. Will heels work on a beach? Are converse best for urban areas?

  • Most importantly - BE YOU!


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