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What to prioritise in your wedding budget

When it comes to planning your wedding and looking at budget, I'd sit down with your other half and plan your 3 most important priorities. What is non-negotiable and what could you compromise on? Generally speaking I'd prioritise venue/food, entertainment and the photographer.

The venue and food will matter to your guests as the wedding is a long day and they will need good food and a memorable venue with great staff. Music can make or break a wedding, so that's why I'd have this on my list. And, of course, photography is how you'll document the day forever! Of course date is quite a big thing too as it will influence possibly where you book your venue and what prices they chawrge. Many places and suppliers will have an off season price and maybe eek day pricing that is generally less that weekends and season.

Deciding on your priorities for the day will help focus where you will spend your budget.


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