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Farewell to 2021!

This year has been amazing! I know people always say that however it really has. My first full year post pandemic and it's been epic. I've laughed and cried and celebrated with my couples who had to wait many months, and some many years, for their wedding; I've captured moments that will live with me forever like surprise engagements and epic dad speeches; and I've had the most wonderful year catching my couples memories and sharing this time with them. I also started videos for business this year, did 258 Christmas mini sessions in one month and travelled north to do a wedding at a beautiful space in Derby.

Photography is absolutely what I was born to do and I can't wait to do more this next year. I've signed up to a few courses to do during the winter months so will bring new skills and new ideas into 2022 with me, and can't wait to meet new couples on their journey, and share the weddings with my other lovely couples coming this year.

Happy new year to you and yours, may it be filled with all the wonderful feelings and people that you love.


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