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17. What Will You Be Wearing?

So continuing on the Hitched article "32 Questions to ask your wedding photographer"

Well, I wear the same for every shoot. A black polo shirt with my logo, black trousers with copious amounts of pockets for water, lenses, memory cards and batteries so I don't have to have too many bags on the day, and black Sketchers.

I once wore a white shirt to a wedding and found myself reflected back in the big windows behind family for group shots lol That wasn't fun to edit so from then on I now wear all black. I know many photographers who also wear normal clothes and look so smart, but honestly for me I need to feel comfortable while being as smart of possible and that's why I wear all black and trousers with pockets! I don't ever wear skirts in my personal life so not a time to try that for weddings lol

Funny story though, to get trousers with enough pockets and that were big enough to fit over my post-baby belly, I had to shop in the men's section of the shop 😂😂😂


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