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27. Will We Receive Digital Copies of All Images – and How Many Will That Be?

It varies from wedding to wedding, as it depends on; how much time I spend there, if there's a second shooter, how many activities you have happening and just generally the mood of the day and the guests, however I usually deliver between 700 and 1200 images. Edited, and in an online gallery both in print size and web size.

You also get a print and personal use licence so you can share them on social media and print your favourites. I only ask that if your suppliers contact you for copies, you send them to me, as the copyright of the images remains with the photographer so if they want to use them on their site, in print or on social media they need my permission. They'd need to pay a commercial use licence...unless they ask nicely lol

All my packages include a private online gallery that you can also share with guests to download or print their favourites, and in most of my packages I include prints too.


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