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The Full Story with Sound

Wedding Films

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The clinking of glasses, the laughter of your wedding crew.

The hilarious or cringey speeches.

Video adds depth to the day and reminds you of the little things you might forget in 20 years time. So not only will you have a visual, printable record of your loved ones through photographs, but also have the memory of how they sounded and how they moved on the day.


Prices from £1250 .

All packages include all day filming, the famous "movie night box" and for people who book in 2023 from September for their wedding in 2023, 2024, 2025 - the Video Album (see it here

Want photo too?

Photo and video package for only £1500 for 2024!

Natalie and Tom

A truly delightful day with Natalie and Tom in the Kent countryside. Chilled, down to earth and emotionally fun wedding.

Aiesha and Kurtis

Dancing, laughing, tears and friends summarises the day we had together. A long time coming and a joyous celebration.

Jade and Sam

This wedding was lots of fun for children with garden games, a big dancefloor and a memorable moment between the groom and best man.

Tasha and Becky

A day filled with happiness and rainbows (we even had one in the sky in the clouds!)

Jane and Tom

A fun filled day of celebration, with ice-cream, live music, an awesome groom speech and much more.

Lucie and Tom

A wonderfully warm, emotional day full of laughs, joy and great moments. I loved every moment of it and didn't want to leave!

Lora and Rachel

This was a wonderful day to share.  With heart written vows, a magic toastmaster, great dancing and beautiful views.

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