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Why use a wedding photographer?

Ok so let's be straight here...over half the world have smart phones...which literally means a camera in every pocket right? And smart phones these days, well, their cameras have more megapixels than my actual SLR Nikon (seriously and a little outrageous lol).

In fact, many people also have SLR cameras these days as they're so much more affordable now. So, you're getting married and wondering why you should pay the money to hire someone when your friend with a camera could do it for you for nothing, maybe even as a wedding gift?

And here it is. If a friend is your photographer then how will they be a guest? And, unless they're a professional photographer, how will they know how to pose you and get you looking your best on film when you don't like how you look on camera? Photographers study this. Not only do we learn the technical elements of our camera inside and out, we also learn about the rules of we can break them.

Our role at your wedding is to be there solely to do your pictures, to find clever and creative ways of capturing your day, and to get everyone on film looking their best. If a friend takes your pictures, they may do a lovely job, however, they're your friend. A guest. They will want to enjoy themselves too. Let their hair down. Party with the B & G!

Hire a photographer. Photos are memories. Memories that mean too much to rely on someone not being fully there (and rightfully so) to capture the moments that matter.


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