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Which wedding planning app is the best?

First, let me be honest with you. When I planned my wedding, I didn't use an app. Well, I did but it was part of many elements to my planning (I'll cover that in another blog post).

And it's a personal choice.

There are so many apps, a quick search of the Play store on google will show you thousands...if not more. How do you choose?

Here's a few things I would look for when trying to find the perfect app for your wedding day...

  1. Check out the ratings. Not just the positive ones (because those can be easily faked!) but the poor ones, the ratings where people weren't happy and why. That's always my go to when downloading an app. "How unhappy were people with this app and why?" if it's just the colouring or the images or similar, then I ignore it, but if it's about technical difficulties or lack of promised info, those types of things, then I move on to the next app. Ideally you also want to find something as closely rated to the top as possible, with a good number of reviews and downloads.

  2. Look at the app preview images. These will give you an idea of what the app will look like once you've downloaded it. Does it fulfill what you need to plan your wedding? (if you don't know what you need, check out my blog on wedding planning). Does it look easy to navigate? Is it colour co-ordinated (if that's your thing)? Are there checklists? Decide what's important to you, then make sure it's on there.

  3. Ask in bridal groups. If you're like me, then you've probably already joined many bride-to-be groups. These are a fantastic resource for research. Ask other brides what apps they're using and why. Ask about functionality and the best parts of the app. That should then help you decide which app will suit your needs.

Ok, so this is a starting point. There are other ways to plan a wedding too. Notebook, spreadsheets, post it notes, the list goes on! My best advice is to find what suits you best and use that.


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