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Tips for Planning a Scrumptious Wedding Menu

When talking about the menu, food is not the only thing that has to be considered but there are various other factors as well. Here are some tips to help you plan the best food menu for your reception:

· Know Your Budget

Before you begin deciding on what food and appetisers you want to add, it is important to know the budget you have for the wedding food. Generally a buffet is cheaper than a sit down meal, but it also depends on the venue.

· Start Early

A delectable menu can only be served by the best caterers in town. Hence, you need to book early in order to get the caterer of your choice. Booking a caterer at least 12 months before your wedding is highly recommended.

· The Guests

In order to set the perfect menu, it is important to know how many guests will be attending the wedding. Less people means you could have more expensive food, but if you have more heads to count and you’re on a budget, it is better to go for inexpensive but creative dishes for the menu.

· Appearance Matters

Choose a caterer that not only cares about the food but also about the way it is presented. The food should be presented in a unique and authentic way surrounded by the best utensils and cutlery.

These simple tips will help you work out the best wedding food menu of your choice and within your budget.


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