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Things to Do a Week before the Wedding

The week before your wedding is the most crucial one. You’ve already made bookings for caterers, decorations, and everything else, but you need to follow up with them to ensure everything is done perfectly. Besides, you also have to take care of yourself and be in your best shape to look flawless on your big day. It can get a bit overwhelming to handle all the wedding prep; however, here are some important things you can add to your to-do list for a week before the wedding:

  • Communicate With Vendors

Just as said above, you need to make sure everything is done perfectly, hence, call anyone and everyone involved in the wedding preparations and ask about the arrangements they’ve made so far.

  • Pack Wisely

The week after your wedding is going to be full of parties, occasions and little gatherings. Hence, it is important to pack your clothes for all the occasions well in advance, unless you're going direct to which case you need to pack anyway.

  • Designate People

You certainly cannot handle the entire wedding alone. Rather, assign different people to follow up with vendors, to take care of pending payments, and other such jobs. Maid of Honour and Best Man are best for this!

  • Arrange Trips To The Salon

The bride should look beautiful and glamorous on her big day, so don’t forget to pamper yourself with beauty appointments to get your manicure, pedicure and everything else done. I recommend a massage! These were some of the important things you must do a week before your wedding.


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