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Real or fake flowers?

Aren't these flowers just beautiful? I've been asked many times - fake or real? And I've seen brides-to-be ask the same question in wedding groups..."Should I have real or fake flowers?"

For photographs it honestly doesn't matter. I think you have to think of it in terms of what you like, but also, longevity. Real flowers obviously don't last (although I've seen some brides do beautiful things to extend the life of their real life bouquets like pressing the flowers!) but they have beautiful fragrances, whereas, if you're quite sentimental, you might want to keep your flowers as they were so fake will work for that perfectly.

And there are many ways you can have fake flowers....material like the image, felt, newspaper roses, and one I really loved; roses made from the grooms favourite graphic novel! (not hi literal favourite from his own library of course haha but a copy).

And in my bouquet, I had one yellow rose for my grandmother, much to the dismay of the florist who tried to hide it. Because your flowers are...your flowers! They're as much part of the day as the dress. Have them how you want.


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