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Ioana and Ed, Elmstone Kent

I remember chatting to Ed and Ioana on zoom while they were hiking in the Peak District, and they were so lovely I really hoped they would invite me to be their wedding photographer and they did! Due to covid delays they decided to have their official ceremony in London, then travel out to Kent to Ed's mum's house for the celebration day as a second wedding for family and friends. I joined them for the latter and it was such a beautiful day. As they were already officially married, they could make the day their own. Ioana got ready at the B&B and then joined us at the house. After a lovely First Look between her and Ed, she joined as guests arrived. Ed's brother officiated the ceremony and they read their own vows. We ate paella, celebrated their love with hilarious speeches (even I was laughing from my belly) and danced to some fab music by a friend who is a DJ. The garden had perfect little bits of hidden corners for photos and the sun came out just before the ceremony. A perfect day.

"Hi Cemanthe,

Hope you're well! Apologies for the late email, we just came back to a ton of work on Monday and things just started slowing down a bit now. We just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything that you've done for us, from the beginning of the journey until now.

Thank you for the beautiful photography - we always thought we're not the type of people to have photos of us around the house, but what you've created for us is so beautiful that I ordered about 30 prints already and plan on putting them everywhere!! Thank you for all the kind gestures and presents - these touches made such a massive difference for us and it just goes to show how incredibly attentive and generous you are, and how much effort you put into making people feel special. Thank you for being such a lovely person, for making us feel at ease, for laughing with us, crying with us and helping us remember these moments and the emotions that came with them for the rest of our lives!

We wish you and your family and loved ones nothing but the best in life and hope that we will see you again soon! You have brought us a lot of happiness and love and for that we will be forever grateful to you!

Sending you lots of love,

Ioana & Ed"


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