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How to show your guests where to go.

There are multiple ways to introduce your guests to the structure of your day, and it very much depends on what kind of wedding you have. Here are some ideas:

- as in the picture, you could have a pallette with your day's events. This is particularly relevant if your wedding and reception are in the same place.

- have the order of the day on the back of the ceremony service card to lay on people's seats.

- have the timeline of the ceremony on the back of the service card at the ceremony and then have the afternoon timings on the back of your menu if you're having a sit down lunch.

- text it to guests! simple and cost effective and ensures that guests have it to hand all day.

You can also be more creative and quirky with what you decide to do, as long as people know where to be and when it's fine. You don't want to go to your reception venue and find half the guests missing!


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