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Hen Party Ideas to Celebrate With Your Bridesmaids

Your big day is arriving soon and you are all set to host a hen party with your bridesmaids. Apart from the basic high-end hen parties, you can rather opt for a party that is affordable yet fun.

Here are a few hen party ideas that’ll prove to be fun with your girls:

· A Party In The Countryside/Peak District

Self-care has become a thing now, and what can be better self-care than spending quality time with your best friends amid nature? You can begin your day with a morning hike up and then stop at the peak to enjoy some brunch. And maybe then a hot tub in the afternoon to rest weary muscles!

· A Sleepover

You can host a slumber party at a rented hotel suite to enjoy the night with your BFFs. Turn the night into a cool celebration with some fine wine, board games, lots of music and some self-care like face masks as well. I'd even recommend some cheesy movies like Grease or Dirty Dancing.

· A Spa Day

A fun hen party could be spending the day with your girls at the spa. You can relax in the Jacuzzis and get a massage while chilling with your BFFS and unwind before your wedding. Make sure you stay overnight and get dinner and breakfast included so you don't have to think about food!

You can choose any of the above mentioned ideas to host a hen party that is amazing. What have you planned for yours?


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