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D.I.Y Wedding or no?

Well this crafty are you and do you have enough time? I thought passionately that I'd do all the bits and pieces for my name it, I'd thought of it; hand made invitations, hand written place cards, centre pieces made from scratch and sweat, I planned it all.

Then I sat down to do it.

Nope. After hand gluing the first swish to the first swash, I was done. It didn't matter that I'd put on my favourite show for the background, had a piece of chocolate and a cup of tea, it just wasn't me. Mostly it came down to the fact that it took me an hour to stick the lace onto the hessian and with about 150 more invitations to go...well...time really. Patience. Lack of enough glue. Lack of enough chocolate lol

But does that mean you can't DIY your wedding if you can't abide the thought of hand sticking 150 bits of lace to 150 bits of hessian? No, not at all. If you're not crafty but you want that personal touch, you can do things like (and this is what I did):

Design your own invitation and print it online.

Buy pre-made bits for centrepieces and put them together on the day.

Get string and little pegs and make a photo wall.

Find a pallette and paint it with black chalk paint to use for the service order.

Get some ribbon from a haberdashery and cut pieces to tie on the chairs.

You get the idea.

Essentially a 'DIY Wedding' is just one way of personalising things you have on the day. For everything else, there's Mastercard ;)

Hit me up if you want more ideas of what I did for our wedding. It was magical and mostly composed of fairy lights. Lots of them! Happy to send you links of where I bought all the bits.

And if you need help sticking lace to hessian, I'll bring the chocolate ;)


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