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Bronwen and Giorgia, Woodlands House, Barking and Dagenham Register Office

Bronwen and Giorgia messaged me on the Saturday and said we're getting married and by the way it's on Tuesday (the next week!), are you available you've come recommended by a friend! That's probably the shortest lead time I've ever had for a booking lol So had a quick shuffle of Christmassy arrangements (basically an apology to hubby for rescheduling the day we had planned in Canterbury to the Wednesday lol) and I said yes I'm available let's do it! Well I'm so glad I did as I met them as their photographer and parted at the end of the day as friends. I felt so sad when I had to go after the reception! I drove up early the morning as their wedding was in London at the Barking and Dagenham Register Office, I got the lay of the land while I waited for them to arrive. We then went in and had a lovely quick ceremony with close family and friends, and then some couple photos and family pictures in the garden...then on to the reception in South Woodford. As part of the celebrations they had a delightful Drag Queen called SissyLea who kept us amused and entertained with songs, party games and banter. Then a first dance, dad dance and home. A wonderful day.


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