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A guide to choosing a wedding theme

How to choose a wedding theme... Rustic, Fairytale/Cinderella, Garden, Beach, Seasonal, Holiday (like Christmas), Vintage, Personalised, Colour specific, TV Show and the list goes on! You've probably seen many of these while browsing Pinterest or wedding magazines. So how do you know which is the best theme to choose?

Start with you and your partner. Who are you together? Is there something that signifies you as a couple, that friends and family would recognise as your 'thing'? A wedding theme is more than just colour or decorations, it's the glue of the day. It tells your guests your story.

And even if you don't have a 'thing' as a couple, you can still find something that suits just by thinking about how you'd like to feel on the day and how you'd like guests to feel as they walk into the venue. Start with those feelings and expand them into a theme that suits. Also keep in mind the venue limitations... it will be hard to have a rustic theme in a conference room and not a barn. It can be done but might need more resources!

Here are some things to consider when thinking about your theme:

  1. Your venue. Like I said, a rustic theme in a conference room wouldn't quite work. If you've already decided on a wedding venue then you may need to work to it's limitations for the theme, but maybe you haven't yet so you could pick a venue that suits your theme. It may come down to budget too and what venue you can afford. In the UK, venues can range from a couple hundred for a pub function room, to thousands for a castle.

  2. Be more specific. You have theme suggestions above but you could go deeper into each one. Words mean different things to different people, and knowing more details about your theme could help vendors understand better too what you're looking for. For example...if you're going for a vintage theme then what era specifically? The 50s was a very different style to perhaps the 20s or even 80s!

  3. Seasonal. Would the season match your theme, and does it matter? If you're having a Christmas theme for a December wedding then it makes sense, however, I see no reason that if you want your theme to be Christmas because you both love it, but you want to get married in summer, then why not?! Of course you'd have to be mindful of what you wear as a thick fur coat in summer wouldn't work.

  4. Colours. Do you and your other half have favourite colours that you could incorporate into the theme? You could even tie in the colours to the season!

Whatever you decide to do though, go with you! It's your day and will need to be the best of you both.


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