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8. What Information Do You Need from Us Before the Wedding Day?

Of course the most basic information like date, venue, timings and ideal images is good to know, however, to ensure I don't miss any of the moments you're planning, we have a call within the 2 months before the wedding. On this call we go over the full timeline of the day from my arrival and just before, to when I'm due to leave and what happens afterwards. Many couples find this useful as it fills in gaps for planning, covers who they'd really like to have in the family formals, and plans out the day.

I've probably now attended more weddings than most couples so having my insider knowledge on what works best for the running of the day is useful! I can also add in ideas or things you might not have thought of and suggest options for suppliers if you've missed anything. And of course right from when you sign up, I'm available at any time for any questions and check in with you frequently so you know I'm still there!


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