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7. What Wedding Packages Do You Offer?

The average wedding package in the UK is about £1500 to £2500+. I have a current starting price of £1000 for a shorter day, but most likely will be increasing pricing as the cost of everything is going up and up! Unfortunately photography as a business isn't cheap from an equipment perspective and travelling now with petrol pricing has increased too. Of course there are times will I will meet someone's budget even if it's lower, perhaps for less number of hours, less included or if I have a gap to fill.

I am a big fan of printing photos so most of my packages include print in some way, whether it's 6x4s right up to storybooks and framed prints. I think it's so important to print your images so you can see them every day. I also now do video so have a range of pricing for that too. The key thing to remember, and I learnt this as a bride to be before I became a full time photographer, is that you're not just paying for the day. There are days of editing after a wedding, days of prep and work before the wedding, and most importantly the skill of the photographer and their experience.

I know it can seem like a lot of money, but think about it this way...the only thing that lasts after the wedding day, are the photos. The cake is eaten, the dress goes in a cupboard or is sold, the venue (unless it's your home) is just there for the day as is the food. Hair and makeup gets washed off, and shoes maybe worn again but most times not. Flowers maybe get dried and kept but will never look them same. The only thing from the day that outlasts it all are the photographs and your memories. They are such a key part of the day, not to mention that you'll want the right photographer as that is the one person who is most likely to be with you the whole day and see every intimate moment.


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