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6. Have You Photographed a Wedding of a Similar Size to Ours Before?

Another very good question to ask. Weddings can vary massively in size, from an elopement of maybe a few people to 100s of guests. It's good to know if your photographer can blend in at a small event or be in two places at once for a bigger wedding, especially if you're not having a second shooter. I would say that anything more than 200 guests might need a second shooter, and if your partner is getting ready in a different place, and you want pics of them at that time, then you'd definitely need a second shooter.

The best thing to do is to check with me on how many guests you're planning to have and if you have any special events happening on the day, and we can decide together if you'll need a second shooter or not. Most of the time they come with an additional charge (averaging around £500) if not included in the package already so if you're on a budget then it's something to think about. You also get more photos if there's a second photographer so this might be something you want!

I've shot a wedding as small as 4.5 people (yes including the bride and groom!) to ones with 150+ guests...on my own and still managed to capture all the key moments and moments in-between. I run a lot on the day lol


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