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4. Can I See Some Full Wedding Albums? Are All the Images Yours? How Recent Are They?

The article on Hitched says: "You’ll get a feel for their style from looking at the portfolio on their website, but these will only be a highlight reel. To really see if you like a photographer’s work, you’ll want to look through a whole album. This will tell you if they capture the story of the day, if you like how they take photos in different lighting conditions, and if they’re consistent with their quality and style. You’ll want the albums to be recent and to be seeing the photos your photographer took, not someone from the same agency as them or a second shooter."

This is correct and absolutely true. I'm always very happy to show someone a full day album, in fact, I normally insist on it (in a nice way obviously lol) as I want people to see all my images from a day not just my favourites that I might share online. This also gives you an opportunity to see how I structure the key moments, capture the in-between moments, deliver the album and roughly how many images you might get (generally 800 to 1200 - depends on how much happens on the day, and if I'm shooting solo or not).

Here's an example of a full day: There are only about 70 photos in here though, which is roughly just under 10% of what I delivered to the couple! I just thought it would be too much to do the full 800+ photos :) But of course, you can always request to see a full album!


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