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30. Can We Create a Bespoke Package?

Yes absolutely! I have a variety of packages that I offer which cover number of hours, print options, and engagement shoots. Even though I've priced these to be the best option for your day based on the couples I've already worked with, I'm completely open to creating something bespoke for your day. Maybe you have a different number of hours you need, or you don't want prints/want extra prints, or you'd like coverage over a few days, I'm happy to talk it through with you. I also now offer video as a hybrid shooter so can offer both in a bespoke package.

What I normally do is suggest to people that they look through my packages first to see if one will suit, and even better for us to talk through them and I can advise on what will work best to get you the most on your day, and then if you still need something bespoke we can create it together and then I can price it up for you.

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