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3. How Many Weddings Do You Shoot a Year?

So when I was doing this part time alongside my main work, it was sporadic, however now that I'm full time it's my full time income so I have to be more strategic about it. Of course though, I love shooting weddings so my ideal would be to do one a week. When I went full time in 2020 the plan was to double it each year until I reached one a week and I'm almost there! I honestly couldn't imagine anything better than shooting and editing and delivering prints for one wedding a week.

In the UK the wedding season now mostly runs from March to September and so of course many bookings are done then for weddings as the weather is a bit...easier (hah!) however there are winter weddings too which tend to be cheaper with venues as it's off season. I have flashes and lights so I'm all set and ready for a darker light winter wedding!

So yes, how many is currently changing as so many people booking last minute, however the goal is to do one a month! That would be amazing and make me a very happy girl :)


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