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29. Is Retouching Included in the Price?

Hitched says: Basic editing and retouching of your photos to remove shadows or strands of hair, etc. is usually included, but it’s worth checking. If you want to go beyond this – for example, editing two group shoots together to make big one of your family – this will cost you extra.

And they're correct. The difference between editing and retouching is that editing is usually light and involves basic updates like exposure, colouring, white balance, contrast etc whereas, retouching might be more complex like changing body shapes, removing people, making teeth white! Light editing is included to make your photos to best they can be, and retouching is a service we do as photographers, most of the time for an additional fee.

The ideal is to get it all correct in camera so there is less editing needed afterwards and we can get your photos to you quickly, how retouching is basically creating or undoing something that didn't exist on the day and takes a lot more time, and skill, to do. I'd recommend speaking to your photographer to ask what they include.


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