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22. Will Other People Be Able to Take Photos While You Are?

"There’s so many benefits to an unplugged wedding where phones are banned. Even if you’re happy for people to take photos during the day, your photographer might request that guests don’t during the ceremony. No one wants their walk down the aisle blocked by Auntie Alice taking photos on her giant iPad."

This is what Hitched said in their article of things to ask your wedding photographer, and I partially agree as yes many times guests have jumped in front of me with their phone during a key moment, and despite them being there to enjoy the day, I'm there to do a job as it were, so I need priority to capture key moments. On the flip side though, I love to take pictures of people taking pictures. Selfies, groups, you name it I love it. I love to see the wedding through their lens and if they're not in my way then I'm quite happy to let them join in with taking pictures.

However it's worth baring in mind too that it's not only how we edit images that is part of a photographers style, it's also how we might pose people or set up shots for the day, and this can be part of our intellectual property and partially, copyrighted. I remember seeing photos on Instagram this year from a wedding I'd done, where I hadn't yet sent the couple the edited photos, but because guests had been constantly taking pictures over my shoulder of what I was doing, it was almost a copy of what I was going to send to the couple, and even though it's not the same as a pro camera or editing or angle, I felt that it would take away some of the joy of seeing those moments after the wedding when you get your pro photos.

Does that make sense? So by guests taking pictures all day and sharing them online, you lose some of the magic when you finally get your photographer's carefully edited photos. I am someone who takes photos of everything, but I'm really starting to understand why an unplugged ceremony is best!

We have instant everything at the moment, it's nice to allow for some of the magic to linger and come later.


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