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20. How Much is a Second Shooter?

This will vary from photographer to photographer as it depends on how much they pay for the second shooter's time which will also vary depending on the number of hours they're needed and their experience. Generally it will be from £250 upwards, and some packages will include a second shooter. Sometimes people shoot in pairs (like husband and wife photography teams) so the second shooter may come as standard in their packages, or for a photographer like me I'd hire someone in if it was needed and have to pay them, so either it's included or I'd charge extra...probably around £500.

The thing with having a second shooter is that as the main photographer it's extra work as the lead photographer edits the second shooter's photos, which is why it's charged for, not to mention that person's time. Most couples have a second shooter to cover both prep parts of the day, for extra candid photos of guests, and to cover larger wedding numbers. Most of the time though it's not necessary to have a second shooter as many photographers can cover all you need.

It's worth speaking to your photographer for their opinion before you decide what to do or to spend the extra money. Just remember though that it would be your lead photographer who hires a second, not you, as most photographers have an exclusivity clause in their contracts to be the only photographer there that day. This is to protect their intellectual property rights in posing and how they work at a wedding.


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