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15. Do We Need to Cover Your Travel Costs?

In a Unless of course it's a destination wedding then usually flights, transfers, accommodation and food are covered by the couple, however for weddings in the UK I include travel. Of course as petrol prices go up I may have to re-asses this but for now it's included.

I love to get into my little car and zoom across the UK; wind in my hair, music loud and the open road. And I love to stay overnight in a BnB or AirBnb somewhere, it's like a mini holiday for me away from my toddler and is a night of sleep!

Last week I did almost 700 miles and the week before 597 miles of driving! I love seeing new places and last week the day after the wedding before I drove home, I popped into Wales as I was nearby, and had some tea and scones next to a pretty bridge and river. So I never mind too much to travel away for a wedding!


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