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10 Must-Have Wedding Photos

There are so many pictures you’ll want to capture on your wedding day, and every photographer will have different poses they want to try. However, there are 10 photos you should definitely add to your list:

  1. Fastening Up The Dress/Fixing the Tie

  2. First Kiss and cutting the cake

  3. The Confetti Shot

  4. Your First Moment Alone (well, excluding your photographer!)

  5. Speeches Reaction Shot

  6. The Food (You spent so much, you want to remember it)

  7. The setup of the room

  8. A Sign of the Times Shot (Hand sanitiser? Face masks?)

  9. The Shoes and other details of the outfits

  10. First dance and the after party dancing!

What other photos do you have on your shot list? As a photographer I have a list of photo options I discuss with my couples, and there are some that always surprise people and things they haven't thought of!


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