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10 best gifts for any wedding

I love giving gifts! My husband always says I do the best ones so it must be true! I love gifts that are given with a little more thought to the receiver's interests and always try and personalise them. Of course, if you don't know someone very well then the classic set of 'mug, keyring or picture frame' works just as well as who doesn't need or use any of those?! However, for a wedding you're looking for something a little more personal and it's very likely you'll know the wedding crew you have on the day so that make it easier. Here are some ideas to get you started: 1. Your other half: of course the most important person there besides you! What does he like? If he's into football, did you know that you can email the club and most times if they're big enough they'll send back a signed letter for you? I did that for my hubby as he loves LFC and they sent back a team signed congratulations letter which I had framed and delivered on our wedding day (my aunt was super jealous as she loves them too lol). Think about his hobbies and how you can be creative around that. Vouchers for experiences together also work well, and of course there's the classic boudoir shoot if you're out of ideas! 2. The bridesmaids: generally these are friends you may have known for a long time or grown up with, perhaps your sister or cousins or nieces. They may even be your future hubby's family members. I find with this anything personalised is great. For my team I got beautiful glasses personalised, and bought them each a 'getting ready' outfit so they didn't get makeup or hair products on their clothes. However, think about your team...again, what do they love? What hobbies do they have? If you have enough budget could you buy them something each individually that fits who they are? 3. DIY: are you crafty and good with your hands? Maybe think about making something. I went into the Works recently and they sell beautiful wooden boxes, wooden letters and designs. I made a little keepsake box for my son to put in all his memory bits and newspaper cuttings etc so he can see them when he's older. Personally I love boxes, however, I've never met anyone that doesn't have a use for them around the house so this may be the key. But you could go into Hobbycraft and do the same thing there with all the crafty bits they have. 4. Gift Vouchers: always a classic and quite easy to personalise as you can buy a voucher very well suited to the person, and if you don't know them too well then something generic like an amazon voucher or one of those 'all shops' type vouchers work well. For our vendors on our wedding day we bought them each an Amazon gift voucher, for my brother in law's 50th birthday we bought one of those '50 things to do for £50' vouchers you get in WHS Smith. 5. Pound shop packets: ok hear me out on this one. There are shops like the Pound Shop or Tiger or Wilko or B&M where you can pick up some pretty decent stuff for not too much money. Perhaps get little bags made and pop little things in each one that are suitable to that person? For example, if one of your friends is a bit 'Monica' about cleaning, then a little bag filled with fun cleaning stuff would be perfect. The key is that it doesn't have to be expensive, just personal to that person. 6. The Classic: this is a little bag that I've seen in wedding groups, normally for the groom, filled with bits for the morning of the wedding. So there's a bottle of his favourite tipple with a little tag that says 'to keep you hydrated', maybe mints with the tag 'to keep you fresh for that first kiss', lip balm with a tag that says 'to keep your lips smooth' and deodorant because that will be quite necessary! I also gave my other half some socks that were embroidered with 'of all our walks together, this is my favourite' could also have them tailored with 'in case you get cold feet' lol 7. The Hangover Kit: and this brings me to the hangover kit which I've seen in many forums. Personally my hubby and I don't drink (although a friend introduced us to fruity cider and a prosecco called Asti Martini and we're a bit hooked lol), if your friends do, then a little box or bag with hangover helpers is a good idea... could be paracetamol or a little bottle of their favourite, a voucher for a fry up etc. Whatever works for the morning after! 8. The Advent Calendar: I love a good advent calendar, especially where there's chocolate involved! However, if you have a small wedding party or it's something for the groom, you could give him/them a gift to open each day in the run up to the wedding. Things that show them how much you love them, and little treats to build the excitement for the day. In fact, there's no reason to not do this for after the wedding either! Something to continue the magic. 9. A Photobook: I do a lot of these, especially for my couples. I'm a massive fan of printing images as then they're more likely to last and leave that legacy for future generations. After all, there are still photos around from the 1800s! There are lots of apps out there where you can get lovely photobooks made, or canvasses or whatever you prefer. So you could make a book of all the little things you've done together as a couple leading up to this point, or if it's your best friend then the same. Or, a book detailing all the things you love about him. 10. Date Night Jar: you could easily use an empty jam jar for this one. Actually I dated someone before who loved Nutella so an empty nutella jar would have been perfect! And fill it with little things that you can do together after you're married. And then when you have a date night, you pick something out the jar and go do that. Do you have any others you'd like to share? I'd love to hear what you're buying for your wedding party people! :)


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