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What do you need to do to legally prepare for your wedding day

So you're engaged woohoo! Now the planning starts and mostly it's all about fun and creativity, however, most importantly are the legal aspects to the day that ensure you're not only actually married in the eyes of the law, but also that you're prepared for any eventuality.

Insurance. I see in many wedding groups that people don't buy wedding insurance as they're trying to save money. However, after the last few years we can see now how important it is in real life! Of course, none of us could have predicted a pandemic, and hopefully we're now at the last of it as you can no longer buy insurance for covid delays. The thing is though, it's a lesson in what can wrong that you're not expecting. Venues or suppliers can go bust, cancellations can happen and life can get in the way of your bug day. One of the first things I did when I started planning was to get insurance to protect not only the money I was spending as weddings are not cheap, but also for my own sanity that I was prepared!

Contracts. Make sure you sign all vendor and supplier contracts. I know that in wedding photography, most of the time the photographer won't consider you a firm booking and hold the date if you don't sign the contract (and pay the deposit) and you might lose the date to someone else! If your supplier hasn't sent you a contract, please chase them up to get one. This is about protecting both of your interests and not something to be shy about asking for.

Applying to marry. It seems obvious but when I was engaged I didn't know that you had to apply to get married! Best left to the gov website to take you through doing this however, it consisted of giving notice to marry at our local council venue and going for an interview with relevant documents. You then have to get married within a specific amount of time or go through the process again if you miss it.


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