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Tasha and Becky, Southover Grange and Tottington Manor

Ahhh this wedding! Two locations and twice the fun, and hilarity all day, not to mention lots of tears. I arrived really early for this wedding as was in an unfamiliar location so I wanted to make sure I could scope the place out, and discovered to my joy that there was a park and someone selling while I waited for the brides after checking out the area, I sat and had an ice-cream in the sun...bliss! Becky was the first to arrive so I joined her and family in the gorgeous waiting room, and the rest of the guests arrived with Tasha on the London double decker bus. Then we had the ceremony with lots of tears (mostly from Tasha lol who kept setting me off just as composed myself!), some photos, a rainbow flag exit (loved that!) and then on to Tottington Manor for the afternoon reception. All in all a wonderful day and I honestly didn't want to leave.

You can see highlights from their big day below the testimonial.


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