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Saying yes to the dress!

Was so excited to see on Facebook today that one of my lovely brides has said yes to her dress, and even more delighted to get photos. I'm not gonna lie; I cried! I'm so emotionally invested in my couples that when they send me photos of their planning processes I do shed a tear. I met Roxanne and Lee a few years ago now (gosh how time does fly!) and we did a mini family session and couple shoot. It was my first shoot after lockdown (remember the one we thought would be 6 weeks but lasted for 6 months lol) and they were so lovely. I was over the moon when they invited me to be their photographer and happily said yes of course!

Saying yes to the dress is such a big moment. It doesn't matter your budget (my own dress was £350) and you will know when you know. Roxanne and I were chatting and saying how funny it is that you go in to the shop and have an idea of what you might like to wear, and come out with something completely different. Happened to me too! The best way to go dress shopping is to grab your closest "girls", have a day of it so go to lunch, shoe shopping, whatever makes you most happy, and then have a glass of prosecco while trying on dresses. Go with an open mind at what you might discover in style.

And have fun! Don't get too stressed about this (unless your wedding is a week away lol), enjoy the moments around the experience. It's all part of the planning journey and honestly it goes so fast! The right dress will find you.


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