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7 Unique Wedding Favours

Favours are a wedding tradition that couples tend to love as it’s a chance to get creative. It’s also an opportunity to put a personal spin on your day.

I’ve put together seven ideas for unique wedding favours your guests will love:

1) Photo Booth - So much fun, and everyone has a photo they can take home! This can also be done if you're on a budget or your photographer doesn't do a photobooth...just get some polaroid cameras that produce instant photos!

2) Lottery Tickets - Maybe ask for a cut of the winnings if anyone gets lucky hah! Or scratch cards.

3) Plants - A gift that will last long after the wedding, but a cactus for those without green fingers lol (like me! if a cactus can survive a desert then it can survive me)

4) Charitable Donation - Pick a charity that means something to you and make a donation on behalf of your guests.

5) Jam - Rope in friends and family to help with the production process. you can get little jars to put the jam in for each guest and buy stickers to personalise the lid.

6) Mints - With a little ‘mint to be’ quote - super sweet and a nice refresher after a big meal. Chocolates also work well.

7) Sparklers - It will make for an amazing nighttime photo too!


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