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About Me

Hello I'm Cemanthe (pronounced "Samantha" in case you were wondering) and I've been passionate about photography for as long as I could hold a camera. My earliest desire was to be a photojournalist but my mum wasn't keen about me going into war zones, so I decided instead to document other real life events that weren't as dangerous, and Lemon Feather Photography was born! My focus is now on the magic of weddings and the essence of family life, approaching them from a story telling perspective and creating keepsake memories.

I'm a really big fan of printing photos as that way they get passed on generation to generation, and kept for always. If you spent time at my house you would see my memories printed as canvasses, magnets, framed photos and snapshots that look like Polaroids. So don't be surprised if I encourage you to print print print! In fact, I can steer you in the direction of fantastic places to get your photos free or low cost so really there's no reason not to!

In all my sessions with families, couples or even just babies, I'm always looking to create the type of photography that is timeless and memorable. Heart is at the core of what I do and I get emotionally involved in the moment, which combined with my natural flair for documentary photography, means that no fleeting minutes are missed. I see my role as your photographer to protect your memories and hold them dear for you. So each session or shoot I do is a massive privilege for me to be a part of, and inevitably I become friends with my clients.

If you would like a photographer who is involved in the success of your shoot, then I'm your woman!

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